How to choose restaurants for wedding venues?


When it comes to special events like weddings, one of the many things that couples should give priority is food. Let’s face the fact that guests don’t never really mind whether the bride is wearing Vera Wang bridal gowns or the favor to be something useful and cute. The majority of the guests would surely look forward to the gastronomic experience in the event, too. And there’s’ no other way to please them in this aspect than to choose the right restaurant for wedding venues.

Consider the venue – First and foremost, the place should be accessible by your guests. Okay, the newly-opened five-star restaurant in the US is very tempting, but it’s just nonsense to book there if you and your guests are situated in Europe. Go for a restaurant that is not very far from the invitees, so they won’t have any inconvenience along the way. Some couples opt for weddings in hotels where they can get a room for their guests who live from long distances and hold the ceremony inside the hotel’s very own restaurant.

Consider the size of your guest – This aspect is vital because the size of the area and the budget for the rental are dependent to the size of guests that you are having. To do this, make a guest list on draft prior to booking. To narrow down your list, consider families and close relatives first. Add your best friends afterwards. Make sure to invite people who could be 100% present for the ceremony. Remember that most restaurants will computer for the heads, and not for the venue alone. Consult the list with your other half and with the people who would help pay for the expenses. Once a final listing has been achieved, start booking for the restaurant, but make sure to include allowances for any additional heads during the event.

Consider the place’s reputation – Reputation speaks up for the business itself. It is never easy to build a good name, so if you could find a restaurant that has positive feedback from its clients, then it’s a must-try. However, you should not book with them immediately. Make sure that you have a chat with the management; check whether or not it’s flexible enough to meet your demands, which might include your budget; and have a food testing first prior to the actual event. Furthermore, the place should also be furnished with the right amenities and facilities to keep everyone entertained and comfortable during the entire event. Although reputable restaurants are mostly expensive, it is more sensible to spend a bigger percentage on food and dining on your wedding day than to spend most of your money on entourage dresses and mother of the bride dresses.

How to be a Good Manager in a Restaurant

Restaurant ManagerManagerial position is one of the toughest jobs on Earth, I suppose. It requires focus in physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the person in order to manage an establishment well. Though managers are usually given attractive compensation package, they might not always succeed in this venture if they lack certain skills and abilities, and having good education from renowned schools might not always be the only way to succeed in a managerial position.

First of all, I must say that good education is a must. Having the knowledge to handle businesses and to handle people is the very top requirement for every manger to have, particularly if you are a restaurant manager. In school, you will be taught about the basic concepts, ideas, and processes to maintain and manage a restaurant. You will have a brief experience in the field whenever you become a trainee. This is one of the advantages of those who have received managerial schooling and training compared to those who have not received formal schooling about the course.

Secondly, a manager should be broad-minded. Broad-mindedness is an essential character because it allows you to see the situation on both sides. It helps you understand any issue well and can help settle grievances and woes in the most equal way. Most managers who are not broad-minded tend to reprimand their workers without any reason at all, which is one of the reasons of their resignation from work.

Thirdly, he or she should be a good source of inspiration and motivation from the employees. Some employees feel uninspired when going to work, especially if their boss is too bossy or too narrow-minded. They don’t feel happy with their work anymore and they don’t feel accomplished with their daily achievements as well. Meanwhile, motivated and happy employees tend to be more productive, so if you want workers, who come to work on time, meet deadlines well, and love their work, then motivate them well.

Fourthly, you should be a jack of all trades. Despite the fact that managerial positions are a higher level position, it does not mean that you just stand there while your staffs are very busy doing everything because 3 of them are absent due to various reasons. You have to work with your subordinates in this case. Meet customers, take orders, and literally serve customers. This scenario does not only show teamwork, but it also shows that you are willing to step down to your subordinates just to achieve goals.

Finally, keep your cool at all times. Whether the buffet has ran out of food, customers calling for refund because of the long waiting time, or just about any issue, it is always very essential to always keep your cool. After all, current problems would not be solved if you face it with a hothead.

Using LED Neon Light for the Restaurants

Lighting is a very essential part of any establishment, especially in restaurants, because it helps customers have better view of the foodies displayed in the area and it attracts customers, too. An example would be those bright and flashy neon lights that are commonly seen in the exteriors of dining area. The neon signs are shaped in a way for customers to spot the name of the place and technically, the more exciting a neon sign there is, the more likely clients would check out for the store. After all, lights always affect people psychologically. Now that LED lights are reigning in the lighting industry, do you think LED neon lights are also a good switch from the conventional neon lights?

Basically, neon lights are dubbed to be one of the best budget-friendly means to advertise one’s store. These catch attention and entice people to try out the store’s goods and services without the need to have the business advertised over the radio or TV. The use of neon signs as an attention-grabbing tool for establishments have been in the market for years and it might not slowly fade in time easily particularly that LED neon lights, which offer more efficiency and benefits, are circulating in the market. LED neon lights, just like the conventional LED lights, are more lasting compared to its counterparts. It also emits warm glow sans the heat because it is efficient in converting energy into light rather than into heat, helping you save for up to 75% in energy costs.

Meanwhile, LED manufacturers such as Bai LED have just introduced LED Neon Flex or flexible LED neon that’ll surely make establishment owners go mad with its handful of advantages. What is this fuss all about? This is another patented and innovative LED product that replaces the unadventurous LED neon glass lighting systems. The LED neon flex is lighter, smaller, and more eco-friendly compared to the LED neon glass, and very flexible. You can customize its size and can be placed in the borders of your business door, windows, and in the roofs without a hard time since these are very easy to install. Furthermore, it is also be formed into different words as it is bendable and can be formed to any letters or shapes that satisfy your creativity. It is can also last for up to 100,000 lighting hours and still remains cool to the touch. LED Neon flex is surely the perfect way to spice up your once boring restaurant neon signs. Because of this innovative product from renowned LED manufacturers, adding more creativity and catchy advertising aid to your restaurant is as easy as 123.

How Establish a Career in the Food and Beverage Industry

In any field of expertise, skills and educational attainment are two important things that employers always consider when searching to employ the most qualified job-hopeful. However, there is one exception to the rule. This is the food and beverage industry. This field of practice usually do not require having a diploma, since it is quite lenient to the academic section. Most of the time, it only takes pure skills, reinforced by trainings and experienced, that drives someone to be hired and eventually be successful in the food and beverage retail job. Sometimes, all it takes is to have excellent cooking skills or a wide-ranging experience in food service to reach the height of triumph in this field.

However, in numerous cases, opportunity opens its doors only for a few lucky people. Hence, most of the people who aspire to be successful in this kind of career still opt to have education taken through a formal setting. They undergo education not only to hone their skills and gain more knowledge about the industry, but also to provide themselves a bigger avenue for career opportunities in the years to come.

If you plan to pursue a career in the food and beverage industry, enrolling in a suitably accredited institution will best equip you, as you prepare to embark on a potentially lucrative job. You must go for a program that suits your chosen field of budget, duty, and time allowance. Taking courses that teaches you about unnecessary responsibilities will only waste your precious time and money.

There are numerous choices for training in the food and beverage industry. Like other careers and businesses, a person can take a supplementary degree program or a certificate program in the food and beverage industry. Whichever is your chosen institution, make sure that it is properly accredited by the authorities. Certificate programs only entail a short period of six months extending up to a year. The associate degree on the other hand requires two years of studying.

Success can never be obtained overnight. It necessitates quite a long process that involves patience, hardwork, and a sprinkle of luck.